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As posted on Ventura County Star
Wednesday January 27, 2010

photo by Debbie Hernandez

Barbara Scally, Shanta Williams, Jay Whitehead, Violet Bast, Josette Sos, Terry Harmon, Lisa Bennet, Scott McAtee, Christnia Theile, Gail Wooff.

Art and excitement were on the menu recently when students from Channel Island University united with the Oceanview Pavilion Adult Day Care Program, for people with mental and physical disabilities, in Port Hueneme to create a unique art project.

Art Department students Violet Bast, Terry Harmon, Christina Thiele and Shanta Williams proposed to teach the residents how to make a unique hand painted quilt for their fall 2009 Arts Capstone class. They used the body of knowledge gained from their time at CSU Channel Islands to engage and teach the clients and involve them in a large scale art project; the creation of a quilt.

The four met with the adult participants, twelve at a time in six sessions. They were instructed in the basics of color theory, color mixing and art history before being provided with paints, brushes and a swatch to paint on.

“The experience of volunteering at Oceanview Adult Day Care was nothing short of extraordinary” said Shanta Williams, “To be able to participate in art activities in a community setting was an incredible opportunity and a joy”. Christina Thiele another student said “Our first group was amazing; our participants are all wonderful artists and shared with us their life experiences”.

In less than 6 weeks we had developed relationships with the wonderful people at Oceanview Pavilion, seeing that art can be therapeutic and help stimulate their energies for everyday living. Student Terry Harmon stated “It was rewarding to learn that art was quite liberating to this special group. I have experience working with children with special needs, but I never thought about what happens to them when they grow up? My journey with Oceanview will not end after this project, I grew so found of the people there and cannot easily detach from such a wonderful place. I will continue to volunteer my time hoping my presence will make a positive impact on them as it has on me.”

“I loved making the pictures to go on the quilt said," Lisa B., a client. "I hope they come back again it was so much fun."

All the participants made similar remarks and looked forward to seeing the finished product. Soon the big day arrived and the students brought not one but two incredible quits, complete and ready to hang. Everyone assembled in the theater and anticipation was high.

The students thanked the clients for their efforts and told them how much they enjoyed the time spent in their company. With a vocal drum roll the quilts were displayed and there was stunned silence and then thunderous applause.

They are truly one of a kind works of Art said Barbara Burnett Oceanview Pavilion Public Relations Director and a traveling art show had been planned. Keep an eye out for the quilt when you visit the inner lobby at the Port Hueneme City Hall starting January 15th. In February in will be hung in the lobby of the Ray D. Prueter Library and in March the Port Hueneme Community Center. It will be on display for a month at each location for the education and enjoyment of the community. The students summed it up for all the participants, clients and volunteers alike when they sewed the following remarks on the bottom of a quilt. “Thank you for giving us a lasting memory of your kindness”

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